Thursday, May 3, 2012

Curriculum Day- Balloon Racers!

It was terrific meeting up with the other Primary Teacher Fellows for 2 curriculum days. We are having such an amazing time! A fresh approach to BP Challenges today. We had to create a balloon racer that would go the furthest. Using a meat tray, balloon, selotape, compass, 2 straws, and 4 pins. 
 Quite a variety of different designs.

 Something new to me with BP Racers was being given time after the first competition to refine designs, looking at one variable. This was so much more satisfying! Asking "why that didnt work? " and "what next?"And by focusing on one variable we were also given extra materials to assist- eg. looking at propulsion, friction, wheel design - and therefore having a chance to succeed. Often BP Challenges leave a poor feeling for failures! I'm definitely going to follow through like this once back doing BP Challenges at school!

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