Monday, March 5, 2012

Enhancing Leadership Course- Dunedin

Ross Notman, myself, and Kris Cooper (Course Lecturers)
I survived and thrived on the “Enhancing Leadership” week long course.  A time of reflecting and looking at any leadership strengths I have. The 360 degree assessment was helpful and full of insight. The Myers Briggs Personality Test found me out to be an ESFJ and it was fun and made sense seeing why I do what I do! Another part of the Myers Briggs Session was to understand the different personality types and how to work with these differences.
The whole Leadership Course was a practical course - learning how to build on my strengths in the areas of managing change, setting the tone and strategy, and motivating people
Thoroughly recommend the text for the course- Kouzes & Posner 'The Leadership Challenge'. (Click on image for link)

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