Friday, March 23, 2012

Retrieving the Sediment Trap

There was a slight problem finding the southern mooring with the sediment trap. There is an instrument on board that is meant, once lowered below the hull, to talk to the mooring and tell it to release the trap.

Lots of little things were going wrong with this. Most being battery trouble. Fiona has been like MacGyver in trying to get it to go! You really have to think outside the box when a problem arises at sea- no going to the local Dick Smiths! Once this was good to go the signal was sent to the mooring to release the sediment trap, (it takes about 20 min to reappear and all look over the side for it.)

Fiona- aka MacGyver!
 Roger (cpt) shifted the ship around to be close to them and the first was hooked up and pulled on board with the crane. Then the others. It was amazing how long this took and how far away the various floats were. All good though!

 Really cold outside filming this- wind coming straight from Antarctica in the south.

What in the world!- The top of the sediment trap.

Scott Nodder- been on many trips deploying and retrieving these Sediment Traps.

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