Saturday, June 30, 2012

Looking back...

My time at Niwa has come to an end.
An amazing experience I recommend.
I’ve learnt all sorts of science-y things.
Had an exciting time, let the memories ring…

Way back to February it was all “Arrgh Go”,
with a trip to Bluff for their deployment you know.
Mobilising Argo Floats with ‘Our Far South’ to the Southern Ocean,
to measure salinity, temperature, and current motion.

In March, I discovered a love for the Catlins,
the rugged habitat of little Yellow-Eyed Penguins.
In Dunedin, a week on values-based leadership.
Inspirational advice - it certainly did equip!

A week at sea on the Tangaroa, a memory I’ll always keep.
Taking water samples and sediment from 3000m deep.
Down below Chatham Rise and then sailing further north.
Hands-on science, while rolling up and down, back and forth.

Back on land I had some assignments to write.
And a trip to Baring Head was an awesome sight.
Collecting air samples of winds that from the Antarctic did blow,
for the Atmospheric Research Team here and in San Diego.

In May I was surrounded by thousands of specimens
of corals, starfish and some strange phylum.
Fixing samples in ethanol for the ‘Collection Room
was a fascinating time, as you might assume!

Meeting with fellow Teacher Fellows, another highlight,
on Workshop Days for Science curriculum insight.
With neat friendships built and fun times shared,
we’ll keep in touch for sure throughout the year.

Over at Mahanga Bay helping with an annual survey.
Measuring Paua and finding out just what they weigh.
Crossed varieties for aquaculture being explored.
Over 1200 measured in one day- a new record!

Many more good times, things that won’t fade.
Scientists are neat people. New friendships made.
Yes, it is a bit sad that it all has ended.
A 6-month Science Fellowship - totally splendid!!
So it’s back to school and into the classroom.
Helping kids passion for science to bloom!

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  1. It has been fascinating watching and hearing all about the things you have done in the last 6 months.
    Thanks for sharing it - you have made following a science nerd fun!
    All the best