Thursday, June 21, 2012

The RV Kaharoa

Today I had a tour around the RV Kaharoa. She is less than half the size of the RV Tangaroa but has made some awesome voyages! The RV Kaharoa has deployed more Argo Floats than any other vessel and has an award for being a "World Champion Argo Float Deployer". Most Argo Floats get deployed off the side of regular container ships but the RV Kaharoa goes places away from regular shipping routes- she's one gutsy gal!
There are over 3500 Argo Floats in the ocean. The RV Kaharoa has deployed over 1100 of them!

RV Kaharoa deployment of Argo Floats. 2004-2011. (Tangaroa deployed those further south than 45S). The next Kaharoa deployment cruise is scheduled to begin 12 Oct.

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