Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Field Trip 101!

Today I flew down to Invercargill from Wellington. It was the longest flight I've been on (that I remember anyway!) I was traveling with Phil Sutton and Dan Zwartz and we were heading to the Port of Bluff.

There we met up with Dale Ripley from the University of Washington and 20 Argo Floats that were going to be set ready for deployment. These Argo Floats are on their way to Antartica where they will be deployed from the ship "Spirit of Enderby" on the "Our Far South" expedition

Dale was already in action when we arrived. He was stretched out on the wharf trying to read his computer before some of the very friendly wharfies took pity on him and set up a container for him to work in. People are like that down here.

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