Friday, February 10, 2012

Limehills School Rocks!

I had the privilege of meeting Kirsty and her class from Limehills School. This school is 30 min north of Invercargill and today they (and a class from Otaratara school) put on a sensational farewell to the "Our Far South" Crew at the Museum in Invercargill. The kids had drawn flags, made biscuits, laminated drawings of themselves and put on a presentation that touched everyone’s heart.
What a lot of work went in to this- and they only started school on Tuesday!

After the crew was seen off, I tagged along with the class to Invercargill’s Water Treatment Plant. Mmmm! Kirsty had got the kids to go ‘wees’ at the museum and find out where it was going to end up! Good learning all around!

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