Wednesday, February 15, 2012

First 2 Argo Floats Deployed!

Where Floats will be deployed on the "Our Far South" voyage- colours indicate depth of water- Red being the Campbel Plateau and quite shallow. Argo Floats cant get deployed in shallow water. The first 2 deployed are together below Stewart Island on this map.
Dan has deployed the first 2 Argo Floats off the 'Spirit of Enderby' (Way to go Dan!)  I found their data they have relayed back to satelite already. They did a test at a depth of 1000m before coming back up, sending off that data (and saying to the satelite-"hey guys here I am") and sinking back down to 1000m for the next 9 days. It's funny how I was reading data from other Floats last week but am all excited about these ones since I helped start them up down at Bluff!   

Satelite info of Argo Float.

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